The Forge

Job Name: The Forge
Location: Idbury
Date: April – July 2015
Description: The job at the Forge was a big project which consisted of fully restoring the garden walls building new terraces and building a flight of steps. The first project was to take down the main wall in the garden which was in really bad condition due to a lot of the stone having weather damage. We stripped the wall completely down but we also had to join it to an existing wall which had been rebuilt using mortar and was structurally sound.
After we had restored and rebuilt both walls we then turned are attention to the terraces there were 3 separate terraces combining a total of 85 sq meters. The main terrace was a sunken terrace in front of the French windows with a dry stone face step incorporated into it.

After we finished the terraces we had to build a flight of steps leading to the drive from the terraces, the steps were faced using dry stone effect but with concrete behind. The steps were then finished off with the same stone that were used on the terraces. The last job was to restore a low wall to the front of the house which was a challenge as we were working next to the road and although we had signs and cones out we had to deal with members of the public speeding through the village making it hard to work. The whole project we brought in 40 tons of materials, it was a challenging job but the end result was a job to be proud of.